A HazMat Spill from Oil Fields & Pipelines about Every Other Day in California

There was some recent press about the number of oil spills in Colorado.  They have about 2 spills a day. California has a much lower oil production rate than Colorado, but there still are a lot of spills here, according to the California Emergency Management Agency. The Final Environmental Impact Report says that there is a 34% likelihood of an oil spill during the proposed Hermosa Beach project’s life.

California HazMat Spills

California HazMat Spills (Click image for larger view)

The Hermosa Beach Oil Drilling Project would be illegal in Colorado, since they require a minimum distance of 500 feet between a oil well and homes. Click here for more information the location of this project. Click here for E&B spill statistics.

The Truth about Property Taxes

Attention homeowners and renters, IF the city decides to add a supplemental property tax to pay off E&B when the voters no on oil drilling in Hermosa Beach, it will be a very small amount of money, according to the Final Cost Benefit Analysis @ $150 per year per $1M of assessed property value.  It also states that Hermosa Beach can handle the pay off without raising property taxes.

The city manager has also said that the city can pay off E&B without raising property taxes as well.

Supplemental Property Tax "What If" Scenario from Final Cost Benefit Analysis

Supplemental Property Tax “What If” Scenario from Final Cost Benefit Analysis

— Busting the “rents and taxes will sky rocket” myth…

E&B’s Claims Range from Misleading to Downright False

Independent, 3rd party sources contradict E&B’s advertising and website claims. When analyzing the Environmental Impact Report (EIR), the Health Impact Assessment (HIA), and Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA), the devil is in the details. And the details say…”E&B’s pants on are fire”. They are overstating revenue and downplaying risk. Here’s the reality.

E&B is Misleading Us to get Our VOTE. Click on image for larger view.