Let’s Send Oil Packing PERMANENTLY

Back2BakersfieldThe ballot language and development agreement for the proposed Hermosa Beach Oil Drilling and Production project is now final.

E&B refused to accept the following FACTS that were requested for the ballot language:

  1. Potential Benefits” will now be “Benefits” — There is a go/no-go option for E&B after test drilling.  If E&B determines this is not a viable project for them, they can decide to not proceed with the project. This means there could be $0 and no benefits.
  2. 9 Significant Unavoidable Impacts” will now be “Unavoidable Impacts” — Even though the independent Environmental Impact report specifically states that there will be “9 Significant Unavoidable Impacts“.

E&B is only for E&B.  When 2 city council members requested that E&B increase their insurance coverage in case a blowout (explosion) occurred, E&B refused.  Risk of upset/blowout is 1 of the 9 Significant Unavoidable Impacts. An explosion at 6th & Valley would be devastating, since it’s so close to homes, businesses, parks and pedestrians.

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