E&B’s Huntington Beach Operations… A Closer Look

Hermosa Beach vs Huntington Beach Oil Drilling Locations (Click on image for full view)

Hermosa Beach vs Huntington Beach Oil Drilling Locations (Click on image for full view)

E&B and their supporters compare the proposed Hermosa Beach oil drilling and production project to E&B’s Huntington Beach site.

Hermosa is NOT like Huntington.

Huntington Beach is on more land, is easier for vehicles to access, is further from schools and parks, and is much further from the beach.


  • E&B’s Huntington location is at 1901 California St, Huntington Beach, CA 92648.  It covers 2 city blocks for a total 3.2 acres. They operate 28 oil wells.
  • The proposed Hermosa location would be on 1.3 acres and shares a city block with many businesses, homes and apartments. It would have 30 oil wells and 4 wastewater injection wells.
  • In case of an emergency, Huntington can be accessed from roads on all 4 sides on both properties.
  • In Hermosa, residents and businesses block access to the site on 2 sides; therefore, emergency access would be impaired. This also forces the additional truck/car traffic needed to support the construction and operations onto fewer streets.
  • The Hermosa location is also central to activities that bring in people from all over the city and even surrounding cities. This is due to it being sandwiched between 2 parks, the green belt, businesses and being along a walking route to Hermosa Valley school.
  • The Huntington location is over 4 times further from the beach than the Hermosa location.

History & Operations

  • E&B bought Angus Petroleum, the previous operator of the Huntington Beach location, in 2012.  Angus had declared bankruptcy. Therefore, the construction and preparation of the site and the original drilling was not done by E&B. This means the E&B has no experience constructing and drilling in a residential, beach community.
  • The Huntingtion operation produces 160 barrels of oil per day (bopd). Hermosa’s peak production could be 50 times higher at a proposed 8,000 bopd in a much smaller area.
  • Residents have complained about odors, both before and after E&B’s acquisition of this operation per AQMDAir quality/odors is one of the 9 significant and unavoidable impacts stated in the EIR.