Hermosa Beach Police and Measure O

HBPOAE&B has just placed a political add with Jamie Ramirez, Hermosa Beach Police Sergeant, saying that the Hermosa Beach Police Officer’s Association supports Measure O because they need more pay.

Ramirez has a pay package totaling $283,459.00. See Transparent California for the details.  The Hermosa Beach Police Officers’ Association is a non-profit organization  that provides legal representation and  negotiates benefits and wages for the Hermosa Beach police force.

The Hermosa Beach Chief of Police has made the following statement in response:


The Hermosa Beach Police Department does not endorse political candidates or ballot measures. We have NOT taken a position on Measure O. We remain committed to providing the high level of professional service you expect from your police department. Opinions expressed by employee associations and unions do not represent the official position of the Hermosa Beach Police Department.

Sharon Papa
Chief of Police  (Her comment can be seen on the HBPD FB page)

So, why would the HB POA do this? Here are 2 possibilities:

  1. They did not do their research, and honestly don’t know the health risks to the public, and that there won’t be much or even any money for the city.  They did not reach out to Keep Hermosa Hermosa/Hermosa Beach Stop Oil to discuss this project.
  2. Their organization has already taken a donation from E&B or are promised a donation in exchange for their public support.

It is a shame that Hermosa Beach police, who’s job it is to protect the public, are supporting a project that puts the public at risk.


  1. The vote to support Measure O was not unanimous.
  2. It was excellent timing to voice support of this measure AFTER their year end fundraising drive.
  3. California has strict rules on police officers and politics.   Such as, “No officer or employee of a local agency shall participate in political activities of any kind while in uniform.”.