So Much Information…Who Do You Trust?

For those people who are thinking…”maybe this oil project isn’t so bad”.  Ask yourself. “Who has the most to gain from this project?” Is that door-to-door canvasser paid by the oil company or a volunteer? Is that ad paid for by the oil company, who has deep pockets, or by concerned citizens making donations? Is that oil supporter a large mineral rights owner or someone who was paid by the oil company in some way (e.g.  maybe their organization receives donations?). There has not been one open meeting by the oil company. E&B is courting mineral rights owners in closed, invite-only meetings, playing down safety concerns, inflating revenues to schools and the city, donating to local organizations and events, and placing ads that are misleading or even have false information.

E&B Thanks Supporters at Country Club (Click image for full view)

E&B Thanks Supporters with a Country Club Dinner Party (Click image for full view)

All the money E&B is spending on their campaign to win votes is just a business expense. The people and businesses supporting the ban on oil drilling are just concerned citizens volunteering time. None of these people have anything to gain monetarily from “keeping the ban” on oil.  They just want what is best for their families, friends and neighbors.

Not all journalism is unbiased. This article in the Daily Breeze is filled with misinformation, such as playing down community concerns. When you see paid advertisements supporting oil right next to an analysis of the Hermosa oil project, read with caution.

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Let’s Send Oil Packing PERMANENTLY

Back2BakersfieldThe ballot language and development agreement for the proposed Hermosa Beach Oil Drilling and Production project is now final.

E&B refused to accept the following FACTS that were requested for the ballot language:

  1. Potential Benefits” will now be “Benefits” — There is a go/no-go option for E&B after test drilling.  If E&B determines this is not a viable project for them, they can decide to not proceed with the project. This means there could be $0 and no benefits.
  2. 9 Significant Unavoidable Impacts” will now be “Unavoidable Impacts” — Even though the independent Environmental Impact report specifically states that there will be “9 Significant Unavoidable Impacts“.

E&B is only for E&B.  When 2 city council members requested that E&B increase their insurance coverage in case a blowout (explosion) occurred, E&B refused.  Risk of upset/blowout is 1 of the 9 Significant Unavoidable Impacts. An explosion at 6th & Valley would be devastating, since it’s so close to homes, businesses, parks and pedestrians.

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