What’s the Risk to Our Health?

POTENTIAL HEALTH OUTCOMES for the Hermosa Beach Oil Drilling Project (Click Image for Larger View)

POTENTIAL HEALTH OUTCOMES for the Hermosa Beach Oil Drilling Project (Click Image for Larger View)

According to the Final Health Impact Assessment, there are many substantial risks to our health, if the proposed Hermosa Beach oil drilling and production project proceeds.

Sadly, the summary statements, conclusions and recommendations written by Instrinsik, downplay these impacts to the point of belittling this community.  Watch Intrinsik downplay fatalities in a city council meeting.

This is not the first time Instrinsik as downplayed public health. See 2012 report on Intrinsik and toxic gas leak in Canada. And in 2014 they continue to downplay odor impacts and toxicity.

While we don’t know their motivations in “spinning” a conclusion that downplays health issues and impacts to Hermosa Beach, they do highlight the following:

  • A well blowout could have fatalities
  • Children, elderly, and individuals with pre-existing conditions are particularly vulnerable
  • Pedestrians and cyclists are at risk to physical injury due to heavy trucks
  • If there is any type of toxic breach that reaches the storm drains, beachgoers could be at risk.

Intrinsik tends to minimize the impact of negative health outcomes to Hermosa Beach by using the word “localized”.  Since Hermosa Beach is so densely populated, “localized” still covers a lot of people. More than 1,000 people could be seriously injured, and there are homes (and the greenbelt) within the “fatalities” zone. More than 2,000 people could be impacted by odors/toxins and there are many illnesses that can result from toxins from oil drilling.

The Health Impact Analysis Expert Says… Death is Not Having a Good Day

Surprised angry emotional blond boy child kid at the tableIt’s really shocking what Intrinsik says about blowouts, yet their summary of findings implies that there are no significant health concerns.