E&B FACT CHECK: County Tax Assessor Opinions Questionable

Rick Auerbach, retired L.A. County tax assessor, gave his opinion on Hermosa property values and the Hermosa oil project.

  1. Auerbach is not a realtor.
  2. In 2010  Auerbach endorsed John Noguez for Los Angeles County Assessor, and said “I strongly endorse John’s candidacy for Los Angeles County Assessor and know he will continue to treat both taxpayers and employees fairly and with respect.   In 2013 John Noguez was hit with more felony charges and was “accused of orchestrating a wide-ranging pay-to-play scheme, were hit with a dozen new felonies Monday charging them with illegally lowering taxes on three more commercial buildings.”  As of November 2014, Noguez is still awaiting trial.

The city’s own Cost Benefit Analysis said that property values would be negatively impacted.